Introducing the Prime Head Start podcast segment

September 2019. 
Estimated reading time: Approx. 1-2 minutes. 

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Prime Practice is proud to announce its official partnership with Dental Head Start in kicking off a brand-new segment on its bi-weekly podcast called ‘Prime Head Start’. 

Aimed at helping dental students become great dentists, our new segment will be featuring our own Subject Matter Experts and trainers in a three to five minute segment, who will be delivering ‘bite-sized’ anecdotes to its listeners on a wide array of things they didn’t teach in dental school.

These include key critical soft skills such as the importance of patient communication, business acumen skills, practice ownership insights, compliance protocols, and essential leadership skills within the dental practice.

Prime Practice has always been a strong advocate in helping dental professionals upskill on their non-clinical skills for long term success.

As David Keir (Creator and Founder of Dental Head Start) says... 

“Graduation is just the beginning. What most dental graduates don’t realise early on in their professional dental career is that there are more demands on dentists today due to the current market-place. And the key skills required to successfully thrive in the modern-day practice, ae exactly the things that dental practitioners aren’t taught in dental school, such as interpersonal skills, communication skills and even business management.”

We are truly proud to be collaborating with Dental Head Start on this project as we strongly believe that this will directly help students and graduates alike in helping them further map their way into their successful dental careers. We hope that the listeners will find it helpful and beneficial.



Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and catch our Prime Head Start segment every fortnight.

You can find the Dental Head Start podcast on iTunes,Android, and Spotify. Alternatively, visit their website

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