Top 5 Reasons Why a Dental Practice Owner should register their associate dentists for the Associate Dentists Academy program?


When you operate your own dental practice, you are responsible for everything. But you cannot expect to manage everything efficiently yourself. For several reasons, hiring an associate dentist can be a great strategy to help you in your practice: ·      

  • They can help you achieve your long-term goals
  • Grow your patient database and revenue and 
  • Reduce your workload and stress

The problem is that Associate Dentists often need to be trained and mentored, particularly in their early years, to help them become optimally productive members of your practice. However, with everything else you are managing, you may not really have time for this, especially when it comes to non-clinical skills.

This is where Prime Practice can help. Prime Practice is recognised worldwide as a pioneer in dental practice training and management.  We have partnered with Dr Jamie Workman to deliver the Associate Dentists Academy. This program is a huge leap forward in training support for the dental industry and Associate Dentists. 

Our Academy is a first of its kind dedicated to educating Associate Dentists on the vital business and personal skills they need to succeed in their practice. This comprehensive program is delivered 100% online and takes only 12 months to complete. The program is designed to evolve your Associate Dentists and help them help you take your practice to the next level. 

Here are reasons why you should register your Associate Dentists for the  Associate Dentists Academy:

1. Helps build lasting relationships

Our curriculum will give Associate Dentists the skills required to build trust and long-term connections to benefit the patients and the practice. Developing loyal returning patients are is critical for business expansion and growth. We help the Associate dentist understand the importance of this and the strategies they can use to achieve it.  


2. Improves customer communication and experience

A quality foundation in communication is necessary for all Associate Dentists to provide the optimum care to their patients. Improved care leads to increasing referrals, a greater uptake of services and happier patients all round. Our training program is designed to highlight the importance of care and customer experience to associate dentists and provide them with the ability to deliver this day in day out consistently.

3. Makes associates business savvy

The importance of Business skills for the Associate Dentist is often overlooked. Our program layers in outcome-based strategic thinking to help empower them to develop all aspects of their practice. If you want an associate who treats the practice with the same care and attention that you do, the Academy can help. 


4. Success requires tracking 

This course will discuss the importance of Associates tracking their patients and production.

By identifying Key Performance Indicators, will allow your Associate to see how well they are doing and where they need to improve. Understanding the need to track is vital to your perspective, progression and the pursuit of your goals. Once you track, there is no going back. 


5. Builds leadership qualities

Quality Associate Dentists will help you grow and succeed professionally. They can be instrumental in steering your practice towards its goals and objectives. Our training will teach your Associate Dentist leadership skills that will benefit them and your practice culture as a whole. Improving staff harmony and well being has a significant impact on happiness and productivity.

In Short, by enrolling your Associate Dentists in the Associate Dentists Academy, you're investing in your practice. The program will allow the Associate Dentist to gain the business acumen necessary to maximise the clinical skill sets they are developing. This helps deliver a high return on your investment in the form of a growing and thriving dental practice.


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