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Brett Churnin, August 2016 - Founded in psychology and the subtle nuances of human behaviour, Primespeak provides a unique approach to patient-clinician interactions. It incorporates a new way of thinking that might be counter-intuitive for many dentists, yet results in a transformative and positive experience for dentists and patients when applied effectively.

The philosophy of Primespeak

In a profession where ‘selling’ is often considered a dirty word, dentists face a dilemma in aligning their ethical status as a healthcare provider with the desire to encourage optimal treatment. Primespeak is a philosophy that teaches dentists how to reconcile these two conflicting aspects.

The essence of Primespeak is to encourage patients to take ownership for their dental problems, deepening their concerns about existing conditions rather than simply focussing on solutions. It provides a framework to bridge the gap between what patients think they need and what dentists think their patients need.

The Primespeak new patient examination protocol

Primespeak turns the traditional new patient examination protocol on its head, with a distinct focus on the nature of the interaction between the dentist and the patient before the dentist has looked into the patient’s mouth. The philosophy is that if an intentional and strategic discussion is conducted early, dentists can pre-empt issues and barriers before they occur. In this way by the time the patient is sitting up again after the clinical exam, they are already well on their way to making an informed choice.

Adopting Primespeak methodology often requires a change of mindset for the dentist and as it is a whole-practice approach it does require the team to be aligned and on the same page. Dentists who attend Primespeak learn tools, techniques and strategies to diffuse patient objections and encourage optimal treatment uptake, whilst maintaining strong rapport with their patients.

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